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Sharing the love of the ultimate JPOP world [and also includes chinese pop as well :D]


Welcome! If love, please join! This community is basically a messy and random place for all fans to share their graphics or media etc. (yet it is still a lonesome place right now :'( sob sob...) Any comments and/or suggestions are absolutely welcome!! Just follow rule #7! Thankss!!! :D
**I've decided that I'm going to [try] post[ing] up more MP4 media now, so along with all my other things, you're going to see more mp4 stuff but just ask if you want the original [the non-mp4 format]. And hope that is all good news to everyone :D

*I think I might be uploading mp4 format of 1 Pound Gospel. But if it seems like it's not popular with downloads, I will be stopping.
^sorry, i promised that i would upload it, but i still havent.... its late right now so i will tomoro!! (or the day after)...

Any suggestions on what other MP4 MEDIAS I should upload??

Feel free to contact or friend me, viviying13, and will accept you right away! :D (my profile is also where u can see my future uploads)
1. no inapropriate or offending messages
2. no verbal violence
3. please use appropriate tags
4. please use lj cuts for long and media posts
5. basically, if you hate anything or everything that is in this community, just don't join and don't read! but lovers are welcome :D
6. share the love! ***you get to choose to lock/unlock your posts but download posts should be locked, if you decide to not lock them, its fine, but they will still need to be locked up after a week or so!***
7. for comments, suggestions, questions or affiliates, comment here. thanks

my resource page (incomplete) here
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